Hostel 639

Terms & Conditions
Arrive/Depart Your Behaviour
Check In Age Limits
Check Out Personal Property
Bookings Smoking
Cancellations/Refunds Your Information
Key Deposit Discretion
Stay Duration Entry
Room/Bed Allocation Disclaimer

  • Arrive/Depart
    New arrivals can check into their rooms after 2pm each day. Guests may arrive earlier and leave their luggage in our luggage room before heading out, you will not be able to access your room until after 2pm.Guests who are departing from Hostel 639 must remove all their belongings from the room and check out before 10am.  In the case of a late departure, Hostel 639 reserves the right to charge for a further nights stay.
  • Check In
    Check-in is from 2pm Monday to Sunday.  Hostel 639 has 24 hour reception so there is always someone there to help you when you arrive.  You will need to bring a valid form of photo identification, preferably a Passport or I.D. Card.
  • Check Out
    Check-out is at 10am and departing guests must be checked out  before this time.  All your possessions must be removed from the room upon departure, you are asked to bring back to reception your sheets and pillow cases.
  • Bookings
    All bookings received through the Hostel 639 website that are accompanied by a 15% deposit payment confirmation are automatically  confirmed, subject to any conditions highlighted during the booking process. Changes to bookings can only be made by contacting our booking departments on +44 (0) 208 964 4411 or via email at
    Any bookings/cancellations made for Hostel 639, but through a 3rd party booking agent are subject to the Terms and Conditions of that site.
  • Cancellations & Refunds
    Please note that the deposit of 15% is non-refundable!
    Any bookings/cancellations made for Hostel 639, but through a 3rd party booking agent are subject to the Terms and Conditions of that site.
    If you have paid for the duration of your stay with us and due to unforeseen circumstance you are unable to continue your stay, Hostel 639 can give you a credit note for the remaining days left.  Valid for 6 months only.
  • Key Deposit
    Upon Check-In you will be given a key to your dorm, a £10 deposit is required to be left with reception or some form of Photo ID for this key.
    Either your £10 or your ID will be returned to you upon Check-Out and ONLY WITH the receipt issued to you at Check-In time… Please DO NOT LOSE your receipt or you will not be refunded .
  • Stay Duration
    Hostel 639 only allows a maximum stay of 2 weeks.  To stay in the same room/bed for the duration of your stay you must pay the full amount up front.  Guest who pay day by day may have to change rooms frequently.
    (Please Note- Hostel 639 will try to accommodate to your request, but please be aware there are certain circumstances where this is not possible)
  • Room/Bed Allocation
    Dorm/Bed Allocation (8, 6 & 4 Bed Dorms) – If you require an all male, all female or a mixed dorm, please specify in the comments field when making your booking.  If you DO NOT specify a room type then you will be placed in beds according to availability.
    If you would like to stay in a dorm room with friends and you are all booking individually then please specify in the comments field when making your bookings the full name of the person(s) you would like to share a room with. This process requires more than 48 hours notice.
    Please be aware that you may be assigned a top bunk, If you wish to be assigned to a bottom bunk then please contact us via our website. This process requires more than 48 hours notice.
    (Please Note- Hostel 639 will try to accommodate to your dorm/bed request, but please be aware during heavily booked weeks/seasons this may not be possible)
  • Your Behaviour
    Hostel 639 prides itself on giving it’s customers a comfortable, safe and secure visit.  Any guests that are found by any member of our staff to compromise the comfort, safety or security of other guests, members of staff or people in the residential area will be asked to immediately leave the hostel.
    No refund will be offered upon departure.
    Guests are expected to respect other guests and staff.
  • Age Restriction
    Most of our guests at Hostel 639 are backpackers and range in age from 18 to 35.  No persons under 18 permitted without a parent or consenting adult.  If you make an online booking and arrive to check-in and are under 18 years old then you will not be permitted entry and will lose your %15 deposit already paid.
  • Personal Property
    Guests can leave any valuable items at the holding bay at reception at no charge, reception has 24 hours security and CC TV.   It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure that their personal belongings are secure at all times. Hostel 639  accepts no liability for the loss, theft or damage to property however sustained or caused.
  • Smoking
    Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Hostel 639 premises. All of our rooms are fitted with Smoke Detectors and anyone caught smoking in their rooms will be asked to leave immediately and will not be offered a refund. Any guest found smoking within the premises will be asked to leave immediately and will not be offered a refund. Smoking is allowed at the front of the building and ashtrays are provided.  Please keep our Hostel clean and tidy and help the environment by disposing of your butts correctly.
  • Your Information
    Hostel 639 will only store and use your information which has been supplied to us by yourself(guest) for the purposes of  booking a bed(s) with us.  This includes any information passed on to us for the purpose of a booking by a third party booking agent.  We do not take or store any payment detail from our website all payments are through PayPal secure payment gateway.
  • Discretion
    All bookings are subject to availability.  Hostel 639 reserves the right to decline any booking at its discretion.
  • Entry
    Hostel 639 reserves the right of entry.
  • Disclaimer
    Be aware Hostel 639 takes no responsibility for damage, loss or theft to the property of any guests while on our premises including any electrical equipment, money, passport/ID Card or luggage.Our T&C are set out to ensure that all guests visiting Hostel 639 for a vacation enjoy their time with us.We have made every effort to ensure all the information set out above is accurate. However Hostel 639 does not accept liability for any errors or omissions and we reserve the right to amend these T&C at any time.